• • 6 Piece Pakka Wood Chef Knife Set: Carefully selected exotic wood veneers in our signature handles are only the beginning of what makes these knives unique. The stone finished steel blades and exotic wood handles is built to last with top quality materials. The natural color flows throughout the material while sanding and buffing the completed part yield a glossy finish without any spraying. As in nature where no two pieces of wood are exactly alike our knife handles elicit the same feature
  • Pakka Wood Patterned Handle: Our exquisite & unique Zebra Color Pakka Wood handles took years to develop. Each wood veneer handle was sanded to a smooth glossy finish & implanted with phenolic thermosetting resins, creating durable, dimensionally stable & moisture resistant finishes that will last a long time. Pakka Wood is renowned for its exceptional quality and long-lasting beauty. Handle Shape: Our uniquely designed handles will mold perfectly into your hand whether right or left handed.
  • High End Craftsmanship –Steel used in knives is not the only factor in determining quality. There’s a lot that goes into making a high quality knife-such as steel thickness, hardness, steel finish, handle grip, bolster, weight, handle material, overall aesthetic etc... We believe we’ve achieved all that in making this set. It has long been believed that the heavier the knife the better quality it must be. That is a misconception. A well designed knife can’t be too thick in metal or too heavy.
  • • Why we use 420J2 Japanese Steel: This specific Japanese steel used is sub- zero treated, 53-54HRC, some call it surgical steel. Our steel thickness combined with its metal hardness makes it almost impossible to break or rust, unless you soak it in super harsh chemicals. That is why we use 420J2 Japanese steel instead of German Steel. Our blades are finished with a water stone for the perfect brushed effect.
  • • Specification: 8" CHEF KNIFE, 8" SLICER KNIFE, 8" BREAD, KNIFE 4 1/2" UTILITY KNIFE, 3 1/2" PARING KNIFE. Blades are 2.5 mm in thickness, Hand Guard Bolster, stone finish, double bolster, secure & comfortable grip, weighed for Stability Control & Balance. Packed in our exclusive gift box. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed try it risk free full satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


SKU: LC14296W-0B
    • Chef Knife, 8" Slices knife, 8" Bread Knife, 8" Utility Knife, 4 1/2" Paring Knife, 3 1/2" 
    • Each of these forged knives from La Cote has an incredibly sharp blade that stays sharp longer throughout regular use.
    • High End Craftsmanship - Blade made from 420J2 with approximately 53HRC - Sub-zero treated stainless steel - Knives are forged of Japanese steel - Full Taper grinding on the blades
    • Ergonomically perfect Secure and Comfortable Grip, Weighted for Stability Control and Balance stone finish, Pakka wood handles
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed La Côte Chef Knives have been built with Perfection in Mind. Combining Beauty and Quality with Extreme Performance.